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Lucaris Crystal

Eastern world design meets Western manufacturing excellence! Anchor Hocking is pleased to be the official US distributor of Lucaris Crystal which offers an elegant range of upscale...

Ocean Glass

Anchor Hocking is pleased to be the official US distributor of Ocean Glass of durable, food-service grade soda-lime stemware and barware options which is durable enough for all you...


From Salt & Pepper Shakers, to Syrup & Sugar Pourers, Anchor Hocking offers affordable and functional glassware items to complete your tabletop setup.


Anchor Hocking has been manufacturing durable, affordable and stylish barware for over 120 years! Look to the glassware experts for all of your barware needs.


Boost your profits with the choice of the perfect beer glass from Anchor Hocking! Choose from pilsners, mugs or even tasters to make your beer presentation stand out…


Let your decadent dessert presentation shine by serving your desserts in a clear dish from the glassware experts at Anchor Hocking.

Shot Glasses

Help your guests celebrate their night out in one of our durable shot glasses. Available in multiple capacities, with or without pour lines, look to Anchor Hocking for your shot gl...


Nothing makes an upscale dining service more elegant like the choice of a great stemware glass. Anchor Hocking offers several beautiful stemware collections to enhance your dinner ...


For ingredient storage, to impulse purchase items or even to be used as a tip jar at the bar, Anchor Hocking has the perfect glassware storage option!

New Introductions

Anchor Hocking strives to provide you and your customers with fresh, new product selections. Check this section frequently to see what new products are available now!

Anchor Hocking


Founded in 1905, near the banks of the Hocking River in Lancaster OH, Anchor Hocking has a proud history of glassware manufacturing. Today, Anchor Hocking is a leading designer, marketer and manufacturer of a comprehensive portfolio of quality drinkware, barware, jars, storage containers, serveware items and more. With a focus on innovation and quality, the Anchor Hocking foodservice portfolio boasts products that are affordable, functional, yet beautiful. The glass is made tough to last for the foodservice industry, but also aesthetically pleasing to enhance the dining experience for guests. Anchor Hocking manufactures the majority of its barware products at the company’s facilities in the United States and partners with glassware experts from all around the globe on additional items to delver the best mix of glassware items for all your Foodservice needs.


Tricks of the Trade

An adequate inventory of glassware in a Foodservice operation will help decrease breakage but always having glassware available in service a room temperature and will avoid issues with “Thermal Shock”.
When glassware supplies are short, workers will tend to handle glassware faster, less carefully and will be too hot when dropping ice into the glass. Contact your local Anchor Hocking sales professional for suggestions as to the suggested quantities of glassware for your establishment.

Our Promise to You

Anchor Hocking Foodservice glassware products offer a longer lifecycle and lower replacement costs.

Our glassware items are made stronger and more durable dues to special manufacturing processes such as Rim-Tempering (sometimes referred to as heat treated).

This process reinforces the durability of the glassware piece in the rim area, which allows for a stronger more durable product.



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