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COLUMBUS, OH (February 1, 2022) – The Anchor Hocking Company, a global leader in glassware for over 115 years, announces new stemware collections: Sondria, Matera, and Cienna. In addition, Anchor Hocking is launching new shot, beer, and carafe glasses. Sleek modern looks and revamped vintage designs will compliment the recently released Florentine II stemware line. Together, these lines offer cutting-edge products at accessible price points.

Sondria adapts the best of mid-century design to meet contemporary demand. Sleek and clean, the silhouette is a gently rounded diamond shape. Wide-footed and strong-stemmed, these glasses are reliable yet versatile, familiar yet innovative. Sizes come in the 20-ounce Bordeaux and the 21.25-ounce Burgundy for reds, and the 11.5 and 14-ounce AP Wine for whites. In addition, Sondria has a 7-ounce Flute and 13.5-ounce Water Goblet.

Matera is a classically round wine glass. Thick footed and thick stemmed, this maximally versatile glass will excel in upscale bars, casual restaurants, and anything in between. Sizes range from the 11.75 and 14.25-ounce AP Wine to the 22-ounce Burgundy. Matera also includes a 7-ounce Flute, a 9.5-ounce Martini, and a 14.25-ounce Water Goblet.

Cienna recreates vintage elegance at an accessible price-point. Bold Art Deco shapes pattern extra durable glass for classically upscale barware. Stemware is available in the 7.25-ounce Martini, 7.25-ounce Coupe, and 20-ounce Gin and Tonic Goblet. Also available is the 11.75-ounce DOF, 11.75-ounce Hi Ball, 14.5-ounce Long Drink, and 1-ounce Cocktail Mixing Glass. 

Shot glasses are also getting a clean update. Sturdy, reliable, and durable, thick bases, walls, and rims are built for both high-class establishments and the busiest local bars. They come in the 2-ounce Sake Shot, 2-ounce Double Shot, 2-ounce Straight Shot, 1-ounce Tequila Shot, and 1-ounce Tall Shot.

The new beer line brings modern shapes to classic glasses. Perfect for any traditional eatery or forward looking bar, they come in three varieties. The modernist 13-ounce Craft Beer, the minimalist 19-ounce Craft Beer Tumbler, and the classic 14-ounce Stemmed Beer.

New wine carafes also celebrate the sleek simplicity of modern design. A single hourglass shape makes a cutting-edge style statement to compliment the trendiest establishments and the finest wines. They come in 9.75-ounce, 20.5-ounce, and 32.75-ounce sizes.

Patrick Groves, Director of Ecommerce Sales and Marketing for Anchor Hocking Food, emphasizes the versatility of these glasses saying, “There’s something in these new lines for 

every restaurant and bar. Along with our update to our classic Florentine line, this new barware promises to bring the best quality at accessible price points. For anyone looking for forward-looking designs or contemporary updates to classic ones, we’re confident that these glasses will fill those needs and exceed them.”

If you would like to learn more about the Anchor Hocking’s new barware lines, please contact your local Anchor Hocking sales professional, email, or Patrick Groves at 

About Anchor Hocking

Founded in 1905 near the banks of the Hocking River in Lancaster OH, Anchor Hocking has a proud history of glassware manufacturing. Today, Anchor Hocking is a leading designer, marketer, and manufacturer of a comprehensive portfolio of quality drinkware, barware, serveware, storage containers, jars, and more. With a focus on innovation and quality, the Anchor Hocking portfolio boasts affordable, functional, and beautiful products. Glass is built tough to last while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The results are products designed to withstand the many stresses of the foodservice industry while enhance the dining experience for guests. Though Anchor Hocking proudly partners with glassware experts from around the world, most of its barware continues to be manufactured at the company’s facilities in the United States as it has for the last 115 years. 

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